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After the Benediction by Sherabim Joy

28 june 2021, 8:06

New York, Barker

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ad after the benediction by sherabim joy



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COMING SOON! #christianfiction September 2018

PEACE IN THE STORM PUBLISHING releases...After The Storm Publishing Presents, "After the Benediction," NEW Christian Fiction by Author Sherabim Joy Coming Soon!

After the Benediction will take you on an extraordinary journey…

Evangelist Jacey Joyner is loved and admired by as many people who envy her. To the untrained eye she appears to have it altogether; a beautiful family, a thriving ministry, and people to fawn over her. However, after the benediction; she struggles immensely with her own reality, to the point that she is haunted by a suicidal presence. Her refusal to forgive her father, former Bishop Jason Loftin for his thoughtless and scandalous acts, sows grave seeds of bitterness within her that threaten to destroy her relationship with God, her family, and her ministry.

Unable to continue carrying the weighty load of people’s expectations, Jacey is on the verge of simply walking away from it all. However, an ordained encounter with a spiritual eye that is capable of seeing beyond her facade and is unmoved by her title and accomplishments, confronts her with truth, love and kindness. Will pride keep Jacey from accepting the truth about her spiritual stagnancy? Or will she have an ear to hear the voice of wisdom and instruction that will rekindle her passion for God and for ministering to his people?

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Elissa Gabrielle
Elissa Gabrielle
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