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Ghost stories for adults: My sex (Ghost story collection )

29 march 2021, 16:29

Georgia, North Shores

Price 3 USD

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ad ghost stories for adults: my sex (ghost story collection )



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Privat person

“Read it again and still love it. There's nothing beautiful than a story filled with hope and love, beautifully written with a happy ending.” – LoveT

“I have loved reading your stories and thank you for sharing with us, you are super talented. Jamie and Cam, you are so right, the eyes are the window to our souls, and noting beats being lost in a beautiful set of eyes, nothing. all the emotions, sadness , anger, lust, betrayal but above all LOVE.... OMG thank you

Please please write again.” – Case88


It's been awhile since a story has made me cry just from the immense emotions. Loved it! I will add this to my list of stories to reread.” – king2018

“Another teary story..

I was so anxious to read what had actually happened to Jamie and then what Grayson could begin to say to make up his cowardice to Jamie and how Jamie and Cam could really be together! It's so sad to think people can't be themselves in a world where "I wish people would keep it real" only works if it doesn't make others uncomfortable!

If Grayson had really wanted to be forgiven, he should have confessed to the three involved in murdering Jamie but fear of having something similar be the end of his life probably prevented him from doing the right thing!” - sm1982


Wow about sums it up! I can't say that I believe in ghosts, but maybe it's really two soul mates searching and finding one another. No matter what you may think or believe, I believe it and that is all that matters to me.” – ThaiTn

“The Best Story Ever

I have`nt read all of your stories but i really loved reading this story the most keep up the writing to this story i want to see the outcome.” – kissme88


A wonderful piece of writing, skilfully crafted to draw the reader into the story. I enjoyed every line of it. Whatever you do keep writing stories because from what i can see your writing is incredibly good.” - tauger



Yogananda Paramanhasa
Yogananda Paramanhasa
online 1 year ago


18 november 2018




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