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21 july 2021, 15:48

Massachusetts, Dunstable

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Privat person

Hey all,

Here is one of my favorite scenes in my zombie horror “OUTBACK” it’s a battle between the infected at the main police station. I hope you enjoy. Its on Amazon kindle for 99p / $1.37. Many thanks for support. I also have on sale a spin off to this novel named “Fear The OUTBACK” Add me if you wish.

Lucas looked out as the main police headquarters came into view in the far distance. The yellow barriers were pulled back. Ben pulled the handbrake up, looking down the main street, still seeing cars rushing back and forth in the dimness of the evening.

“Claire,” Lewis said. “Get inside and find some help.”

Claire ran up to the gate and walked in, looking at the clean, well-kept path of the new station. Lewis looked to see a grey van turn up. It skidded to a stop next to the other patrol vehicles. The siren was switched off, but the blue and red lights remained on like a signal to say there is civilization left at the station. Lewis looked at an elderly officer. He was grasping a G36 machine gun, with a helmet on and covered from top to bottom in body armour. He strolled towards the group.

“Jackson,” a voice called. “Nice to see you again.”

Lewis turned around and saw Mike Needleson, his friend who worked for the tactical support unit.

“Hello, Lewis,” he replied. “Missing out on all the fun, aren’t you?”

Mike looked around at all the New South Wales police officers who were standing by the barricade. He turned his head to see Ben.

“Hello, sweetheart,” Mike said. “Nice to see you, too.”

Ben looked at Mike. “Okay, girls, if you’d like to go take a walk inside and let my boys take over,” he suggested. “I think there are some chocolate fudges left in the lounge if Jackson hasn’t pigged them all. You need to keep your energy up because I know times are hard for you sweeties.”

“Hey, fuck you, man” Lewis joked.

Crayfellow walked forward towards Mike. “I’m glad you find this amusing,” he said to him.

“What’s that, darling?” Mike asked Ben.

Ben looked at Mike. “It’s only a shame that my training didn’t start earlier,” Lewis replied to Mike.

“What’s going on?” Needleson asked. “Do you know of any more news on this Z virus?”

“Z virus?” Lewis asked in a shocked dead voice.

“Yeah. Z virus,” Mike replied. “Doctors and scientists at the Australian Centre For Disease Control have been analyzing this new virus and have got no name for it, so they have just thought, ‘fuck it,’ and called it ‘Z.’”

Before the conversation between Lewis and Mike Needleson could go any further, a shot was heard. Lewis grabbed his handgun when he saw two of the zombies running towards them, snarling, with blood dripping out the fronts of their mouths.

“Take them out, boys,” Mike commanded.

The two officers took the running zombies out. Lewis looked into the west, seeing that the sun had almost gone down.

“It will be dark soon,” Lewis stated. “What we doing after leaving the city?”

“Are you mad?” Mike said. “It’s not just the big cities that are infected. The whole damn country is being taken over by these things.”

Another shot was heard. Lewis and Mike swung their heads, looking down the road to see a huge horde of the zombies running towards them.

“Shit,” Needleson gasped. “Position, boys.”

Lewis watched as the heavily-armed officers took position, looking through the sights of their weapons.

“Jackson,” Needleson yelled. “Feel free to participate.”

Mike handed Lewis a SPAS-12 shotgun from the armoured van behind him. He ran up to the white police car.

“Awaiting orders, sir,” a voice yelled.

Mike Needleson looked at the zombies as they sprinted towards the police station. Then he looked to the left at the crowded police station. “Fire!” he screamed.

The officers opened fire on the sprinting zombies as they came up the road.

“Come and get us!” one officer yelled.

Lewis looked through the sight of the SPAS-12 shotgun, squeezing the trigger. The shell launched from the barrel of the weapon, blasting the zombies in half. Bits of intestines landed on the street as the chasing zombies continued to arrive in hundreds.

“There are far too many,” Lewis shouted.

“Never too many,” Mike replied. “Have some fun, boys.”

Mike turned, looking at Ben.

“And girl,” he then said.

The officers continued to open fire on the zombies as the sun almost finished going down in the west. Lewis felt the SPAS-12 shotgun push his body back as the zombies sprinted towards the police blockade. Lewis looked into the wing mirror of the cruiser. He swung his head around to see one of the military attack helicopters. It swung behind the roadblock. He took his eyes off the road ahead for a minute. He looked at the launchers mounted on the underneath of the helicopter. He squinted his eyes looking to see a few small sparks shoot from behind the back of the launcher,

“Shit,” he uttered under his breath

The two rocks launched from the sides of the helicopter. The jet stream of smoke was blasted out of the back of the two rockets heading towards the oncoming zombies. Mike swung his head, looking at the rockets zooming towards the oncoming zombies.

“Shit,” he yelped. “Everybody down!”

Lewis looked at Ben as he stared at the incoming rockets. “Ben, get down!” he ordered. Lewis pulled Ben to the ground. The rockets that were shot overhead slammed into the street, blowing some of the zombies into pieces. Large chunks of asphalt blew up into the air. Lewis looked back up at the helicopter as it continued to hover behind the roadblock. The machine gun started to spin.

“Stay down, people,” Needleson ordered

Bits of body parts were flying everywhere. Blood rained down onto the street, followed by the golden shells from the machine gunshots. The helicopter suddenly swung around, heading away from the police station.

“That’s slowed them down,” Lewis said to Ben

Mike slowly got up after the rapid gunfire

“Jackson,” Needleson yelled. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Lewis said. “Ouch, fuck, that hurt.”

“Thanks for that,” Ben said.

“Not a problem,” Lewis replied

Mike looked at Ben. “Are you okay, sweetheart?” Mike asked. “Do you need a plaster for that?”

Ben looked at Mike. He focused his attention back down the street. He saw more zombies charging towards them. “Shit!” he exclaimed.

“Keep going,” Lewis ordered.

The sun continued descending. Soon, the street lamps would be on.

Sydney Hospital

The officer looked up the street as he stood guarding the barrier to the hospital.

“They are coming!” a woman yelled, running past the officers. “They’re coming!”

The officer looked down to see the gleaming eyes of the zombies as they sprinted towards the checkpoint, blood from the innocent victims of their attack rushing from their mouths. Some of the infected were soldiers.

“Oh shit,” he mumbled. “Contact.”

The two soldiers behind him spun around, kneeling by the white police cruiser and looking at the sprinting zombies.

“Stand by,” he yelled.

The zombies slowly came closer and closer to the hospital. The road was full of them. They charged towards the entrance of the hospital. There was nowhere to run.

“Fire!” the soldier ordered. Exactly at that moment, the police and military opened fire on the running zombies. The hordes seemed to be increasing by the minute as people ran past the barricade and into the hospital.

“Get out of the way!” The soldier yelled. “Get out of the way!” The soldiers and police struggled to shoot in between the running people.

The people in the hospital looked down out of the window, seeing the glowing eyes of the zombies heading towards the hospital. The gunfire was intense. The people knew they were running out of time. Gemma listened to the rapid gunfire from the outside looking out the window as the police and military fired on the zombies. No matter how much the police and army tried, the zombies went on, arriving in large numbers. Soon, they would be out of ammunition.

“There are too many,” an officer yelled.

Gemma stood by the window, continuing to look up at the attacking zombies, some of which were nearly reaching the blockade.

“Gemma,” Jasmine called. Gemma turned her head and looked at Jasmine as she ran up to her. “Grab your keys,” Jasmine demanded. “Let’s get out of here.”

“What?” Gemma gasped. “We can’t leave everybody.”

“Come on,” Jasmine yelled. “This place is finished; let’s get out of here.”

Gemma ran to her locker and pulled her car keys out. Jasmine was looking out the window in horror as the zombies were breaking the barricade to the hospital. Gemma followed Jasmine along the corridors towards the exit to the staff car park. She kicked the door open, looking out at her car, which was still parked in the same spot. She hit the ‘open-door’ button in as the zombies ran into the car park. Gemma trembled when she put the keys into the ignition of the new car Lewis had bought her for her birthday. She pushed the brake pedal down, setting the car into reverse. She pulled out of the parking spot, slamming into the lamppost behind her. The yellow registration plate fell to the ground as she sped to the exit. Jasmine looked into the mirror.

“God, that was close,” Gemma said. Gemma listened to Jasmine as she broke down into tears by her side. “Hey,” Gemma said. “Don’t worry. I’m scared, too.” Gemma continued speeding up the road away from the hospital. She stared into the mirror as the huge building disappeared.

Lewis and Mike Needleson continued shooting at the running zombies.

“Getting low,” Lewis stated.

“Me too,” Mike replied to Lewis. “But having fun.”

“Do you take anything seriously?” Ben asked

“Nope,” Mike replied. “I’m too old for that.”

One of the officers turned his head around, looking down the street. He saw the yellow glowing eyes of the zombies. “They are coming from the rear,” he shouted.

Mike Needleson turned around to see more of the zombies running towards them from the rear. “Cover the rear,” Mike yelled, tapping Ben’s bum.

A few of the officers kneeled on the middle of the street as the zombies were attacking from all directions. No matter how many they took down, the zombies still seemed to be coming. Mike looked down as he loaded one of the magazines into the G36. He listened to the constant shooting of the officers. He looked up into the sky and saw one of the news helicopters above the station.

"Shit," he mumbled under his breath. Mike walked to his van. He stepped into the back, looking at the TV on the wall. He saw a bird’s eye view of the police station. He watched as the camera suddenly shifted its focus to the street ahead of the station. Mike gently shook his head when he viewed the oncoming zombies. He realized there was to be no end to the fight in the near future.

"Sir," Mike said into the radio.

Commander Rolf Hepburn picked up the radio, looking out onto the street outside, "Go ahead, Needleson."

"Sir," Needleson said again. "There are too many of them. I don’t think we can hold them off for much longer."

Commander Hepburn put the radio back down onto his desk as he walked back over to the window. He let his breath out when he saw the shooting starting to slow down as his officers were running out of ammunition. He looked over his shoulder and saw the radio still on his desk that was linked to all the police radios within the city. He reached over and picked it up. He grasped to it, still listening to the rapid gunfire.

“Fall back,” he commanded. “Fall back.”

“Shit,” Lewis gasped. He looked down at the SPAS-12 shotgun and saw he was out of shells.

“Right, everybody,” Needleson yelled. “Inside. Inside now. Come on, shift it.” Mike watched as the officers started running through the gate into the police station.

Lewis held onto the SPAS-12 as he ran up to the new silver gate.

“Come on, move!” Needleson shouted above the clamour.

“Ben, come on,” Lewis said. “I’m not losing you.”

Mike Needleson watched as a few of his officers were dragged to the ground by the attacking zombies.

“Come on, Mike!” Lewis cried.

Mike and Lewis slammed the gate shut. His eyes opened with disbelief when he saw one of the officers who had been attacked getting up, with yellow, gleaming eyes, running towards the gate.

“Damn! Fuck it!” Mike yelped.

Lewis looked at Mike as he stared through the metal poles of the gate at the snarling zombies.

“Come on,” Lewis said.

Mike and Lewis ran up the concrete path towards the police station. Lewis looked as hordes of zombies started crowding the outside of the gate, slamming against it. Lewis and Mike slammed the two brown doors shut.

“Well,” Ben Crayfellow said. “Now what?”



Author Stephen W Cheshire
Author Stephen W Cheshire
online 2 year ago


18 november 2018




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