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Brian Michael Good
Brian Michael Good
online 2 year ago


18 november 2018


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Knowledge and Wisdom is Priceless! Take Action. You will be happy you did

30 june 2021, 23:58

Texas, Novohrad

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ad knowledge and wisdom is priceless! take action. you will be happy you did!



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Privat person

"There is no better gift to yourself or another person than the gift of knowledge and understanding derived from wisdom." - Brian Michael Good​

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❤️ Amazon: Quotes of Wisdom To Live By

❤️ Amazon: Reset: Control, Alt, Delete

❤️ Amazon: Never Surrender Your Soul

☮ Amazon: World Peace, Peaceful Worlds, Game Over

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☮ Take the Pledge by commenting... I am Peace... We are Peace.. What number will you be?

We need more peace in the world if the human race is to survive. I need seven billion humans to join in our effort to create a more Peaceful World. If you are about to get in a confrontation, fight, or argument, just say these words; I am Peace. We are Peace…

The I am Peace… We are Peace... pledge does not take away your right to stand your ground or your right to self-defense; what you say and think and how you react does make a difference.

Think of this motto before you react or respond to any situation: The 4 R’s…Readiness, Respect, Right, Reaction... Take them to heart and own these words as a pledge of honor; say these words first... I am Peace… We are Peace...

Proper training in self-defense can help our children learn discipline that will override their anger in a heated situation, allowing each of them to develop the self-confidence to walk away from other types of aggression knowing that the best self-defense comes from knowing that no one can defeat you. You can only defeat yourself.

That is why we are trying to make a difference. One person at a time, deciding to talk the talk…and walk the walk…each person leading by example can make a difference.

It's all about what you are willing to do out of your own free will. We need to be united in order to create a more Peaceful World on the planet Earth. The right formula that works as a step towards World Peace.

We are all Spirits in a human body; no one does it alone, as one spirit; one united movement, evil can't defeat us.

It all starts with Readiness, Right, and Reaction; when you greet a person, begin the conversation with these words...

I am Peace… We are Peace...

Excerpt from my book ☮ World Peace, Peaceful Worlds, Game Over



Brian Michael Good
Brian Michael Good
online 2 year ago


18 november 2018




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