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More History Books Early Modern Times, TOG y3

24 may 2021, 21:42

Maryland, Stoney View

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ad more history books early modern times, tog y3



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Privat person

These are more History books that I used when I taught my kids using both Story of the World and Tapestry of Grace. They are great history books and can be used to support any history curriculum.

Prices as listed plus media mail shipping. All books are in excellent condition. Message me if interested. Cross posted

A Picture Book of...Helen Keller $3

A Picture Book of ...George Washington Carver $3

A Picture Book of....Harriet Tubman $3

A Picture Book of....Florence Nightingale $3

A Picture Book of....Thomas Alva Edison $3

Cornerstones of Freedom...The War of 1812 $3

Cornerstones of Feedom The Oregon Trail $3

Cornerstones of Freedom....The California Gold rush $3

The Glorious Flight across the channel...Louis Bleriot $4

Buddha Stories (hardback) , Demi $4

Louis Pasteur, Founder of Modern Medicine , John Tiner $4

Hudson Taylor, Autobiography $2.50

Cultures in; Conflict Bernard Lewis $4

Voices of the Alamo, Sherry Garland (hardback) $6

Alamo! George Sullivan $7

Davey Crockett Disneyland (no record) $2.50

Kingfiser Wild West $2

The Legendary Wild West, A Sourcebook $4

Battles of the Spanish-American war $3

Cornerstones of Freedom...The Louisiana Purchase $3

Journey to Ellis Island, Carol Bierman (paperback) $4

If your name was changed at Ellis Island $3

Across American in an Emigrant Train, Jim Murphy $4

Cornerstones of Freedom...The Gettysburg Address $3

Robert E. Lee Brave Leader $2.50

Landmark books Gettysburg, MacKinla kantor $3

Abraham Lincoln Ann Colver $2.50

Abraham LIncoln Great Speeches, Dover-thrift $2.50

True Stories about Abraham Lincoln $2.00

If you eh time of the Civil War $3

Bull Run, Paul Fleischman $2.50

A Southern woman's story, Life in Confederate Richmond, Pemer $2



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Wendy Bokmiller
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