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Mystery of History, American Girl book sets, Jonathan Park Audio +

15 june 2021, 7:29

Illinois, Bee Creek

Price 4 USD

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ad mystery of history, american girl book sets, jonathan park audio +



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Privat person


1. MYSTERY OF HISTORY: Volume 2-The Early Church & The Middle Ages-$5 (fully functional book though the cover is just "good/decent" condition). Pages are nice and tight.

2. Jonathan Parks Audio CD Sets: Includes- Jonathan Park: The Copper Scroll 4 CD set audio adventure: Volume VIII plus FREE Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo (3 Cd's with #1 missing). $6 for both.

3. American Girl: Molly's Surprise & Changes for Molly Book Set-$3 for both books.

4. American Girl set of 9 assorted book titles: $12

5. First Language Lesson For the Well-Trained Mind book and Level 1 book set. Both books for $10 (Jessie Wise)

6. How to Get Your Child to Love Reading by Esme Raji Codell (WONDERFUL resource) $4

7. Kingfisher Horse Set includes: Horses & Ponies & Horses (History, Behavior, Breeds, Riding, Jumping). Both books for $5 (both large books with one hardcover and one softcover). Great set!

8, Thomson Delmar Learning Elementary Grades Complete Learning Set: Includes Math Activities A to Z, Health, Safety & Nutrition Activities A to Z, 101 Learning & Transition Activitiews, Creative Art & Activites (Paper Art), Moving & Learning Series (does not include CD), Science Activities A to Z. Entire Set for $15.

9. National Wildlife Federation Wild Animal Baby book series (2006-2008 assorted titles). 15 books $15 for the set.



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Maureen LaValley Ruble
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I will take all of the American Girl books


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