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Psychopathic hallucinations reachs into reality

9 september 2021, 12:38

New Hampshire, Randolph Hill

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ad psychopathic hallucinations reachs into reality



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Have you've heard about the sHoeStRiNgLeR?


Come along on an adventure with Zongzi the dreamscape detective!


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THE REVIEW: Moon Lake has become a macabre tourist destination, The top serial killer tour in the world, On the tenth anniversary, the man who was arrested for the Shoestring Strangler murders is released because of new DNA evidence. Follow Detective Sentieri as he tries to prevent lethal debauchery. With help from Zongzi, who uses dreams and his subconscious to try to save lives.

A short while ago I reviewed an incredible book called Zongzi’s Journey written by the fantastic Richard Sentieri. Zongzi’s Journey was a poignant, moving and entertaining novel that thrilled me from the start and so I was keen to read as well as review the second book in the series called Shoestring Strangler! Which is the remarkable book I am reviewing today. Shoestring Strangler is defined as the second book in Sentieri’s Zongzi’s Journey Series, however, I believe the book can be read as a stand-alone so please do not be afraid that you have to read the first book as I do not believe it is necessary. Although I warn you book lovers that you will be so hooked by Shoestring Strangler that you will want to read the first book and all of Sentieri’s work as his literature is brilliant!

Shoestring Strangler is a profound, deep and exciting novel that will follow Detective Sentieri on his mission to stop a killer. The novel is set in Moon Lake, a popular tourist destination; the reader will be introduced to the Shoestring Strangler, a notorious serial killer who, on the tenth anniversary has been released from prison thanks to the emergence of new DNA evidence. Detective Sentieri is suspicious of the Shoestring Strangler, and so he will use his detective powers to prevent further damage and this book lovers is the premise of the sensational Shoestring Strangler.

The story of the Shoestring Strangler is a gripping, compelling one that will thrill and excite you with its pent-up tension and suspense as well as terrify you thanks to the descriptions of some horrific crimes. The story is one that thrilled me very early on, and this is thanks to the brilliant author of the novel, Richard Sentieri.

Richard Sentieri is a newly discovered author of mine, however, I am so delighted I have discovered his work! His brilliant, unique and enticing premise will attract readers from all genres. The glorious descriptions courtesy of Sentieri will compel as well as entertain readers from the start because Sentieri has a wonderful ability to pull his reader in and keep them captive until the very end.

As Shoestring Strangler is a unique, flawless and brilliant story that will entertain, captivate and thrill you I, of course, have to award this wonderful book five stars! So please, read the Shoestring Strangler and get lost in a puzzling mystery, you will not regret it!

Zongzi's Journey (self - help anti-suicide)

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