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TOG Year 2, supplementals books

30 august 2021, 19:36

Wisconsin, Town of Liberty

Price 5 USD

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ad tog year 2, supplementals books



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Privat person

These are all books I used when teaching TOG, YEAR 2 o my 2 kids. They are no longer on the TOG book list as many are out-of-print and difficult to acquire.

Prices as listed plus media mail shipping. All books are in excellent condition. Message me if interested. Cross posted

Kings & Quees of England (hardcover) $7

Eyewitness Books, Presidents (hardcover) $4

History of Western Painting, Young Person's Guide (hardcover) $8

America's Christian Heritage (hardcover) $4

Cornerstones of Freedom, The Declaration of Independence (hard) $3

Cathedral, David Macaulay $ 6

Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence $10

The White Isle $5

Martin Luther, A guided tour of his life and thoughts $3

Benjamin Franklin, Scholastic Book $2.50

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie (reading rainbow book) $2.50

Molly's Pilgrim, Barbara Cohen $2.50

My America, Our Strange New Land, Elisabeth's jamestown colony Diary $2.50

Usborne Famous Lives Napoleon $3

Usborne Classics retold, Tales of King Arthur, Felicity Brooks $3.50

The Reluctant Dragon, Kenneth Grahame $4

Young Arthur, Robert San Souci (soft cover) $5

Hentry VIII, Brilliant Brits, Richard Brassey $6

Beethovan, Getting to know the world's greatest composers $3.50

If you Lived with the Sioux Indians $2.50

First Facts about the Vikings, jacqueline Morley $2.50

james Monroe, young patriot (easy reader) $4



Wendy Bokmiller
Wendy Bokmiller
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21 november 2018




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