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TOG, Year 3 supplemental

29 june 2021, 18:08

New Jersey, Aura

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ad tog, year 3 supplemental



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Privat person

These are all books I used when teaching TOG, YEAR 3 o my 2 kids. They are no longer on the TOG book list as many are out-of-print and difficult to acquire.

Prices as listed plus media mail shipping. All books are in excellent condition. Message me if interested. Cross posted

A Picture Book of...Helen Keller $3

A Picture Book of ...George Washington Carver $3

A Picture Book of....Harriet Tubman $3

A Picture Book of....Florence Nightingale $3

A Picture Book of....Thomas Alva Edison $3

Cornerstones of Freedom...The War of 1812 $3

Cornerstones of Feedom The Oregon Trail $3

Cornerstones of Freedom....The California Gold rush $3

The Glorious Flight across the channel...Louis Bleriot $4

Buddha Stories (hardback) , Demi $4

Louis Pasteur, Founder of Modern Medicine , John Tiner $4

Hudson Taylor, Autobiography $2.50

Cultures in; Conflict Bernard Lewis $4

Voices of the Alamo, Sherry Garland (hardback) $6

Alamo! George Sullivan $7

Davey Crockett Disneyland (no record) $2.50

Kingfiser Wild West $2

The Legendary Wild West, A Sourcebook $4

Battles of the Spanish-American war $3

Cornerstones of Freedom...The Louisiana Purchase $3

Journey to Ellis Island, Carol Bierman (paperback) $4

If your name was changed at Ellis Island $3

Across American in an Emigrant Train, Jim Murphy $4

Cornerstones of Freedom...The Gettysburg Address $3

Robert E. Lee Brave Leader $2.50

Landmark books Gettysburg, MacKinla kantor $3

Abraham Lincoln Ann Colver $2.50

Abraham LIncoln Great Speeches, Dover-thrift $2.50

True Stories about Abraham Lincoln $2.00

If you eh time of the Civil War $3

Bull Run, Paul Fleischman $2.50

A Southern woman's story, Life in Confederate Richmond, Pemer $2



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Wendy Bokmiller
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