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Whipped Cream or Doo Doo by Zach Tate

3 september 2020, 22:19

Texas, Barnum

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ad whipped cream or doo doo by zach tate



Privat person / Business

Privat person

People like to tell others who are down and out, “Just pull it together,” or give instructions on what they need to be doing. Those tactics, words of advice, and theories will NEVER stop us from self-destruction.

As an expert in destroying my life, and making my own road to recovery, I’ve learned that the ONLY time someone makes sense to anyone else, is when the person can relate. So, take it from me; life is sweeter than you think.

Whipped Cream or Doo Doo is a fun read to remove the shit from your life and start having the greatest life you ever imagined. Pick it up, go for the Whipped Cream and watch the Mess and Messy People disappear from your life.



Elissa Gabrielle
Elissa Gabrielle
online 1 year ago


18 november 2018




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