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Your time. Invest it in this book and description and gain the est book you'll ever read

6 april 2021, 22:43

Maryland, Salisbury



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ad your time. invest it in this book and description and gain the est book youll ever read.



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Hello Guys and Girls,

This is part of the description for a new book. Can we get some opinions on it! THANK YOU ALL!


Author - Toshi suru

Plot Summary'Join Mika, Donna, Red and our unnamed Protagonist on the most depraved, stylish and all- encompassing Sci Fi stories of our time. As you read it you escape with the characters on a journey into the societies that dominate the year 2300. Be them the worst or best of humanity when you read about them you will even question some of current populations ideals.

The story goes beyond the Earth that isn't unlike the one we are destined for, as well as stopping by the societies that have conquered Mars, the Moon and artificial planets across Space. On every new location our characters observe and experience the full spectrum of what the human psyche is capable of. It is not only reflected in the characters we meet along the way but amplified by having the technological means to build a fantasy, however corrupt or niche it may be.

The story itself is so much more than the Sci Fi remakes we have become used too, it is escapism but with true romance, horror and one hell of an emotional rollercoaster on steroids laced together.

The depth of the story is off the scales with a different lesson, metaphor, hidden ideal, or twist discovered every time you re-open the book to read it again.

Reading this book is not for the morally righteous or haters. It takes modern standards that are considered liberal today and does what history does to all things, sets a new trajectory and intensifies it. As a reader my only annoyance or anger with the writer is that the sequel is not yet available!''



Tudor Finneran
Tudor Finneran
online 1 year ago


18 november 2018




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